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About PQI

10 Years of Sustainable Excellence, Setting the Standard for Unmatched Quality!

For a decade, we’ve championed sustainable excellence, setting an unmatched standard for quality. Our unwavering commitment to superior products and environmental responsibility has defined our journey. As we mark this milestone, we remain dedicated to advancing sustainable practices and continuing to raise the bar for quality in all we do.

In the dynamic spheres of Biofuels, Gas operations, and Raw Materials, our influence is impactful. From leading innovations in biofuels for a cleaner future to ensuring a steady supply of gas for diverse needs and sourcing premium raw materials, our commitment to sustainability and excellence remains unwavering. This dual focus positions us as pioneers in shaping a greener and more efficient global landscape.

Our Products

As industry leaders, we craft the most dependable and cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet your needs.


Experience a sustainable revolution with our premium Biofuel. Powering a cleaner tomorrow, our biofuel offers an eco-friendly alternative for diverse applications. Harnessing the potency of renewable resources, it’s your go-to solution for efficient and environmentally conscious energy needs.

Oil and Gas

Unleash the power of premium Oil and Gas solutions. Designed for efficiency and reliability, our products are the cornerstone of energy solutions, driving industries forward. Experience unparalleled performance and meet your energy needs with our cutting-edge Oil and Gas offerings.

Raw Materals

Elevate your operations with our superior Raw Materials. Sourced for excellence, these materials serve as the foundation for quality and innovation. Whether in manufacturing or production, our raw materials are your key to enhancing performance and achieving superior results.

The ultimate destination for all your industry requirements, providing the perfect solutions tailored to your needs.

Diverse Ventures

Tailored Solutions for Varied Industries Across the Globe

Eco-Conscious Innovation: Utilizing state-of-the-art processes, we produce biofuel that not only meets energy demands but also aligns with environmental responsibility, reducing carbon footprints.

Precision Extraction: Employing advanced extraction methods, we produce oil and gas that meet the highest industry standards, ensuring optimal quality for various applications.

Sourcing Excellence: We pride ourselves on meticulous raw material sourcing, ensuring the highest quality for industries that rely on our premium materials.

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